I had a wonderful experience with Atelier Roux.

Manon was clear about every step of the process, understood my need for a design that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional for a family with two kids, and delivered a fantastic design plan that incorporated my preferences but also pushed me in helpful directions. She was great at not only selecting items for my home but in explaining the rationale behind those selections, leaving me feeling simultaneously supported and empowered. She puts a lot of thought and care into her work with clients, and it is apparent from the very first meeting.

— Racquel G.

I loved working with Atelier Roux on the design of my Brooklyn Heights condo. She made the entire process super seamless -

she was flexible with my budget, communicated every step of the way, and was a pleasure to work with. Manon has such beautiful style, and all her furnishing choices were elevated, sophisticated, and timeless. Some of her choices were not things I would have gravitated to on my own, but they are now my favorite pieces and tie the entire home together. The finished project is beyond my expectations, and we are so in love with our condo!

— Daniella T.

Manon has a forward-leaning but also very sensible aesthetic.

She is also confident in her choices for you, the kind of confidence one needs when turning to a designer. At the same time Manon knows exactly when you need her to be flexible but also makes sure it is not done at the cost of your overall vision. Manon is the designer (+therapist) we all need!

— Nicole S.

Manon does an excellent job of helping you find where design meets functionality.

Manon helped us complete our long and narrow entry way that we'd been in limbo on for years trying to find items that worked for the space but that also felt like "us." Working with the furniture we had and combining it with custom pieces and big box store pieces, we were able to pull together something beautiful, functional and organized (which is not easy with young kids). Manon is patient, resourceful, organized and a great communicator. She helped us continue to move the needle at our own pace and we are so excited to have an entryway that feels like home.

— Jennifer K.

I continue to feel so grateful for the guidance that Manon gave me.

I love to change my space around often but was ready to find a permanent solution and wasn't sure how to get there. More than the big stuff (like what color rug to get or what color to paint my walls), the smaller details of where to place certain objects and how to rearrange smaller pieces of furniture is what helped to make my space feel perfect and airy. I still have friends who are coming over for the first time since the pandemic and tell me they feel so at peace in my home, that everything just flows perfectly. Thanks for all your thoughtfulness in helping me create such a lovely, calming and cheerful space.

— Rachel G.

Manon is a designer and collaborator who marries her expertise with your preferences to come up with an overall aesthetic for your home.

She has a keen artistic sensibility, but she's also organized and available from a professional standpoint. From my first "clarity call" onward, Manon developed a sense of our style preferences as well as the unique architectural elements of our property. Overall, I find that Manon is incredibly responsive, organized, and easy to work with. She helped make the daunting task of furnishing a home much more streamlined--she came up with ideas and we narrowed them down, and we went back and forth until we liked the final product.

— Sumi R.

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