From Inspiration to Reality: The Journey of Custom Interior Design

If you’ve been with us for a while, then it is no surprise to you that we love to design custom pieces for our clients. Custom elements are the foundation of our design philosophy at Atelier Roux. They enable us to delve deep into the soul of each room, infusing it with a unique character that goes beyond standard, off-the-shelf options. We take immense pride in tailoring each detail to the specific needs and style preferences of our clients.

Today, we are looking back at all the times we debated going custom (ultimately deciding yes) and why these choices consistently lead to stunning outcomes for our clients’ living spaces. Whether it’s creating a showstopping living room or adding a distinctive accent to a powder room, our custom interior design pieces are the key to achieving true design excellence.

Henry Street Bookcase: A Touch of Elegance

The top floor of this townhouse in Brooklyn was flooded with natural light, so we knew we had to do something special with the space. We opted for a custom, built-in bookcase unit that would have similar qualities to the cabinetry finishes and hardware in the kitchen. This unit, with its finish slightly distinct from the kitchen, unified the top and bottom floors, resulting in a harmonious and intentional living space.

Clinton Street Light Fixture: Masterful Minimalism

The Clinton Street apartment presented a unique challenge—a central room that needed to serve as both a living and dining area. Our solution was a hanging light fixture that elegantly framed the dining table, commanding the space with effortless minimalism while maintaining a sense of unity. We love to think of lighting as an art piece that can speak for itself and bring intrigue to the space.

Vanderbilt Avenue Bookshelf + Ottomans: Elevating the Space

At our Vanderbilt project, custom elements take center stage throughout multiple spaces. The central bookshelf in the living area was a significant undertaking. We meticulously considered various options and ultimately chose a custom shelving unit that not only framed the room but also drew the eye upwards, creating a sense of expansiveness.

In the den, we introduced custom ottomans that provide extra seating options for versatile arrangements, adding depth and dimension to the space.

Henry Street Coffee Table: Perfecting Harmony

The Henry Street coffee table was envisioned with clean lines and smooth finishes, harmonizing with the room’s color palette and textures. Its rich wood finish creates a delightful contrast with the contemporary books, resulting in a harmonious and inviting atmosphere that blends impeccable design with natural warmth.

Your Dream Space Awaits with Atelier Roux

Your home should be a true reflection of your unique personality and lifestyle. At Atelier Roux, we are ready to discuss your space, your vision, and the custom options that will bring your dream living space to life. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and begin your journey towards a more personalized, harmonious, and extraordinary living environment.”

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