How To Design A Functional Living Room That Speaks to Your Tastes

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I’m a big fan of dreaming about magazine-worthy spaces and letting them inspire you. But sometimes, the fantasy living room doesn’t come close to serving your lifestyle with kids. There will always be toys you can never quite put away, and the kids will inevitably climb on everything. But you don’t have to sacrifice your design aesthetics for baby-proofing or kid-proofing your living room. Kids should feel that the space speaks to their needs just like you do.

Here are some quick and easy ways for you to create a kid-friendly living room space without sacrificing your style.

Create an open living room layout for play

You spend a lot of time with your kids congregating in the living room or family room, so why not make it a place where they have the space to explore and be creative? Creating an open floor plan allows you to reduce the amount of clutter and be explicit about which pieces of furniture you want in your space. Less is more is what we always say!

Minimize accessories

I love seeing beautifully styled coffee tables on Instagram and Pinterest, but they are not kid-proof. When selecting furniture pieces for your home, think about what they would look like without the coffee table books, trays, and vases. Pick coffee tables and side tables that are statement pieces and speak for themselves. If you need to dress things up, maybe think about sourcing coffee table books from a second-hand store and picking items that are not easily breakable and less like to tetter over.

Rounded & Soft Edges

Eliminating sharp edges will make your living room or any room safer for your kids. When shopping for a coffee table, consider opting for an ottoman. They can be used as extra storage, putting up your feet, and you won’t worry about the kids running around it. Large leather poufs or different-sized ottomans grouped together, give you flexibility while making the living room more playful.

Performance Fabrics

Spills and mishaps are bound to happen, and luckily, performance-based fabrics have become stapled items at various brands. You can now easily find a piece you love and have it withstand the wear and tear of your kids’ shenanigans.

Performance-based fabrics are more durable and stain-resistant, making them perfect for upholstered items or rugs in high-trafficked spaces such as your living room.

We love two-tone fabrics as they can be more forgiving with stains and overall wear and tear. Don’t be afraid to play with color, whether it’s a bold green or soft beige. Shy away from colors that are too light and are more likely to show tiny handprints!

Be aware that not all performance fabrics are created equal. Though many are treated with stain-resistant chemicals, it comes down to the quality of the weave and threading to help resist fading, tearing, and stains.

Look for brands that are Green Guard Certified. This ensures they are using sustainable standards, low emissions, low chemicals, and aren’t made with harmful substances that could harm your family. ⁠We recommend brands like Sunbrella, Perennials Fabrics, Crypton Fabrics, Inside Out, and Revolution Fabrics.

Display Toys As Accessories

They are some great kids’ toys that you can use to decorate a space and still make it feel sophisticated. Look for statement pieces that enhance your room and look like grown-up accessories. The possibilities are endless from wood, paper mache, fabric, silicone or paper, and furs.

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