Optimize Your Investment by Maximizing Your Outdoor Space

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Consider designing your outdoor space just as important as designing your interiors. If you have a functional and inviting outdoor setup, you may find yourself utilizing it just as much as your indoor living space. Not all outdoor spaces are alike, and especially in New York, they come in many shapes, sizes, and environments oftentimes making it challenging to work with. With kids involved, it comes down to making the space safe and adaptable to their activities. Here are our favorite tips for maximizing your outdoor space.

For the Full Backyard: Outdoor Fireplace

If you’re outside the city and have a proper backyard to work with, this can be an opportunity to build out a beautiful outdoor space perfect for hosting everything from intimate dinner soirees to kids’ birthday parties. The outdoor fireplace is one of the most profound features that can transform a space into an elevated and functional oasis.

Consider a space where there is a clear point to gather around. Having an outdoor fireplace quietly invites people to come together without having to makeshift a comfortable seating arrangement. Enjoy digestives with friends or sunset story time with the kids by the fire to welcome conversation and cap off your night.

For the Balcony: Vegetation Wall

Balconies can be tricky spaces, given their height off the ground and generally small size. One of the first things to consider when designing a balcony is creating privacy and implementing safety elements. Building a wall of plants can soften some of the height safety concerns by creating a dense barrier to the surrounding area.

Plus, it is a great way to add warmth to the space, making it feel more natural and lively. This can also be a great opportunity for kids to learn about plants and how to care for them. Let them pick some of the plants for the wall they will be responsible for, and potentially watch them grow interested in spending more time outside.

For the Townhouse: Include a Fountain

Sometimes with the noise and concrete of the city, it can feel like a relief to hear and see something other than traffic and construction. Adding a small fountain to your space gives you just a moment to listen to the natural sound of falling water. If you’re missing that central focal point in your space, opt for a fountain that is just as relaxing as it is beautiful.

For the Rooftop: Loungers & Couches

You don’t need a pool to transform your rooftop into a resort-like oasis with loungers and umbrellas. Nothing says vacation quite like loungers with crisp white and fluffy cushions. We recommend adding a weatherproof storage box to toss the cushions between uses to keep them looking and feeling fresh.

A private rooftop space can double as an optimal location for family sunset dinners and midnight dance parties with the kids. So no matter the event, comfortable and versatile seating is a must!

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