Upgrade Your Kitchen With These Essential Tips for a Fresh New Look

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The kitchen is the heart of a home, yet it can often be one of the most challenging rooms to style. As one of the most used rooms in your home, it can certainly make your day-to-day more enjoyable by having a space that feels specifically catered to your needs. A quick and easy way to elevate everyday activities in the kitchen is with some stylish essentials made to make your tasks feel a little easier. There are so many elements to consider when designing a kitchen from scratch, but if you’re looking to refresh your space and upgrade your kitchen, take a look at some of our go-to essentials.

Serveware & Flatware

Having the right serveware can transform any dinner table from a practical setting to a beautiful tablescape. Sometimes, it feels like it can even make your food taste better.  After all, cooking and eating is all about the experience. So, whether you’re serving a meal or just enjoying some snacks, having quality dishes can elevate your everyday dining experience.

When searching for the perfect serveware, we recommend hand-picking your collection. Note the textures and sizes of each piece to ensure they will meet your needs. If you’re selecting your everyday serveware, check: are they durable and practical? If you’re searching for a special occasion or seasonal pieces, check: will they blend nicely with your everyday selection?

When it comes to your flatware, pick up each piece and see how it feels in your hand. You will use these products daily, so make sure the grip and balance feel satisfactory and comfortable.


Whether you have exposed shelving or not, having a visually appealing selection of canisters will add ease to accessing your cooking essentials. Adding colorful canisters or jars filled with staples like sugar and flour can eliminate the ongoing need to search through your pantry for those frequently used necessities. Not only do they look great on display, but they also keep those items within accessible reach.


When styling your kitchen countertops and shelves, keep in mind that less is usually more. Avoid overwhelming the space with knick-knacks that create clutter and make the space difficult to clean and cook around. We like to choose decor that adds color but doesn’t take away from the functionality of the room — this could include small vases filled with fresh flowers or potted plants on either side of your sink area.  Sometimes the decor can be naturally functional such as a wood cutting board for easy access to chopping up any herbs or vegetables at a moment’s notice!


A centerpiece is a simple way to dress up a table setting while offering functionality too — think bowls filled with fruit or nuts, or vases filled with fresh flowers. These small touches make all the difference in creating an inviting space. Choose a bowl or pot that complements the colors in your kitchen and adds to the overall warmth of your space.  Bringing in elements of life like fruits and flowers is always a nice way to make your house feel a little more homey!

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