Our full-service design is intended for clients with large-scale projects who are looking for expertise in full furnishing, new construction, or renovation projects. We’ll collaborate with architects and builders, taking over responsibilities including hard surface selections, lighting plans, bespoke cabinetry, and more, ultimately removing the stress off of you so you can enjoy watching your vision come to life.

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A Partnership in Honing Your Vision and Bringing It to Life.

Full Service INTERIOR Design

Experience the convenience and flexibility of our Virtual Interior Design Services—a tailored alternative to full-service projects designed to empower you to create your dream space with ease. Ideal for clients seeking expert guidance in designing and sourcing for one or a few rooms, our virtual service allows you to implement changes at your own pace, ensuring a personalized and stress-free design experience.

Design Your Dream Space at Your Own Pace.

Virtual INTERIOR Design

Embark on your design venture with our expert consultations. Whether you need guidance on a specific project, design advice, or clarity on our services, our team is here to provide insights and support.

On-Demand 1:1 Design Consultation: Tailored Expertise When You Need It.


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Featured Projects

From Connecticut to Florida, we’ve worked on a diverse range of projects that blend luxury, timeless aesthetics, and modern functionality.

— Racquel G.

Manon was clear about every step of the process, understood my need for a design that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional for a family with two kids, and delivered a fantastic design plan that incorporated my preferences but also pushed me in helpful directions. She was great at not only selecting items for my home but in explaining the rationale behind those selections, leaving me feeling simultaneously supported and empowered. She puts a lot of thought and care into her work with clients, and it is apparent from the very first meeting.

I had a wonderful experience with Atelier Roux.

— Daniella T.

She was flexible with my budget, communicated every step of the way, and was a pleasure to work with. Manon has such beautiful style, and all her furnishing choices were elevated, sophisticated, and timeless. Some of her choices were not things I would have gravitated to on my own, but they are now my favorite pieces and tie the entire home together. The finished project is beyond my expectations, and we are so in love with our condo!


— Nicole S.

She is also confident in her choices for you, the kind of confidence one needs when turning to a designer. At the same time Manon knows exactly when you need her to be flexible but also makes sure it is not done at the cost of your overall vision. Manon is the designer (+therapist) we all need!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Full Service Interior Design services are priced based on project size, scope and service type. We aim to remain competitive and our pricing reflects the value and expertise we bring to each project. Our design fee begins at $10,000. Our firm has a project purchasing minimum (this does not include our design time) of $50,000 for local clients and $75,000 for clients outside of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. This includes our white-glove procurement process, ensuring your space reflects your style. In general, Design Services typically account for approximately 10% of your overall budget. Once we receive your project details, we will provide a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs.

The timeline for an interior design project can vary depending on its scope and complexity. After an initial consultation and assessment of your project's specifics, we will provide you with a detailed timeline that outlines the estimated duration.

New Builds: Project durations fluctuate depending on factors such as scope and decision-making speed. Typically they take 2-3 years from architectural planning to a fully completed install.

Renovations: They can take anywhere from 8-18 months from initial contact to completion.

Furnishing & Styling: Projects without any construction are about 6-12 months to complete with current lead times.

Our goal is to work efficiently while ensuring the highest quality design so your project is completed in a timely manner. Please contact us for a consultation to get a more accurate estimate for your specific project.

We’ve designed our process to be as hands-off for our clients as possible (that’s why you’ve invested in working with us, after all!). But it’s your home, and we’ll get the best results when you’re involved in a few key stages of the process.

Set aside time to prepare and attend all the design meetings and to provide timely feedback after each presentation. These key milestones are critical to keeping your project on track and on budget. In our proposal, we will incorporate all planned meeting dates and schedule them in advance to ensure the timely progress of your project.

We source from an extensive network of exclusive suppliers, artisans, and showrooms. We meticulously select pieces that exemplify quality, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. Our team's expertise ensures that every item chosen for your project aligns with your refined aesthetic and meets the highest standards of luxury.  

Yes, we work on projects locally and worldwide, depending on your needs and project scope.

It's crucial to define your preferred style before assembling your team. Ideally, the interior designer, architect, and builder should collaborate from the start to maintain design integrity. An experienced designer oversees every detail, streamlining selection decisions and establishing a cohesive material palette and furniture/lighting plans that guide construction. These elements are interconnected, so hiring the trio together is essential.

We aim to create a home that reflects your personality and preferences. The number of revision rounds depends on the project type and the work scope.

Most designers, like Atelier Roux, have two primary sources of income: design fees and product sales. Designers derive a substantial part of their income from fees associated with their design services, covering aspects like conceptualization, planning, project management, and execution.

Clients pay for their expertise, creativity, and guidance during the project. Additionally, designers can access diverse suppliers and manufacturers to select and source products that match the design vision, sometimes adding a markup or commission, which enhances their overall earnings.

Start by thinking about how many items it takes to get a room pulled completely together. Now imagine someone else doing it for you! This is an investment. While we obviously must account for our time and business practices, we save you money in the long run by avoiding poor buying choices, overspending on the wrong pieces, and making too many misguided mistakes. The cohesive process, including our design time, should always save you money in the long run!

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