Designing a Family-Friendly Home: Where to Start and What to Consider

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When I first started designing my dream home, I quickly realized that many of my initial ideas would realistically have to be altered to accommodate my young family. I did not want to compromise on my design preferences, so I had to find ways to make the space optimally functional while still achieving the visual appeal I aimed for.

Living in New York City, I wanted a space that felt like a refuge for my family from the chaos outside my door. Balancing the desire for a calming space with the need for a functional family home, I ultimately created a home that felt timeless, modern, and unique to my family.

Throughout the design process, I faced numerous challenges that are common for families. Here are my top tips to help you overcome these challenges and start your own family friendly home design renovation:

Getting Started

Understand your family’s daily patterns and activities to create a layout that flows.

To create a layout that flows seamlessly, it’s crucial to think about your family’s daily patterns and activities. This doesn’t always mean knocking down walls or building new features, although sometimes it’s necessary. Take a step back and consider how the design can support your family’s activities in each space. Experiment with furniture placement and aim for a floor plan that feels natural and inviting.

Maximizing Space for Optimal Functionality

Can that ottoman also function as a storage space? Or maybe it could be arranged to create more seating in a pinch? P.S. They’re also great for building forts.

With kids running around, every accessible piece must be considered. Choose furniture and accessories that can serve multiple functions and ease your daily activities. Less is often more for young families, as it helps keep the space looking sleek and clutter-free. Opt for items with multiple uses and look for creative storage solutions that look intentional.

Choose Enduring Fabrics and Furniture.

Let’s avoid the need for redesigning every couple of years.

When selecting the pieces your family will use and enjoy daily, look for designers and brands you trust to craft furniture that can withstand the demands of family life. Selecting fabrics and materials that are durable and easy to clean will benefit you more in the long run rather than opting for the potentially less expensive or more convenient option (although these are sometimes the best choices anyway). We love choosing performance fabrics for those high-use areas, like sofas, to withstand the inevitable spills and wear and tear to come. Investing in quality furniture ensures that it will last for years to come.

Entryway & Mudroom

Keep that outdoor dirt and clutter contained

Consider incorporating a mudroom or designated entryway organization system if your home allows it. This can help contain outdoor dirt and clutter, keeping your home cleaner and more organized. Install hooks at reachable levels for the little ones to hang jackets and backpacks. Consider adding a small cubby or box where kids can keep their shoes and other items out of the way.

Creating a Space That Works for Everyone

Find a balance between what appeals to you and what works for your kids.

Strive to balance what appeals to you and what works for your kids. Remember, this is your home too. Include unique pieces that you love, even if they may appear more “adult.” Create a separate space for kids, whether a dedicated playroom or a section in the living room with their favorite board games or books. Designing a family friendly home that works for you and your family requires carefully considering what to buy and how to style it.

At Atelier Roux, we specialize in helping families overcome design challenges and build ideal spaces they can grow with and enjoy for years. Whether you need assistance with the entire home or a single room, our team of experts is here to help. We believe your house should feel like home and function as a space that supports your unique lifestyle.

If you’re struggling to get started or need design expertise, please get in touch with us. We’re passionate about creating family-friendly home designs that blend functionality with timeless aesthetics. Let us help you turn your vision into a reality.

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