Tailored and Seamless Home Design: Our Two-Week Room Refresh Service

Creating an effortless flow throughout your home from room to room is not always easy. Sourcing the perfect pieces to build up a room can take months, especially with kids and family obligations consuming your time.

That’s why we created, The Refresh, our affordable and most popular design service that allows you to transform your home, one room at a time, in a timely and budget-friendly way. With our quick and efficient process, we can redesign a room in just two weeks so that you can enjoy your new space in no time and that’s why we call it the two week room refresh service!

Our virtual design services are intended for clients seeking to refresh 1-3 rooms in their home and want a clear design plan they can execute themselves. Without any changes to the existing structure of your space, this service includes scaled floor plans and focuses on furnishings and minor cosmetic changes that add to the cohesion of your home.

Perfect for clients that need a vision for how to layout a specific room and help to source furniture, paint, and light fixtures tailored to their space.

Kickoff Meeting

Our clients often come to us with various pain points, from feeling overwhelmed by the design process to struggling to find durable, family-friendly furniture. Our process addresses these concerns and creates a space that meets your needs and fits your style.

First, we gather information about your room and design goals. We ask for photos of the room, measurements, a list of your existing furniture, and a questionnaire to understand your style and what you want in the space.

Next, we create a custom floor plan and layout that maximizes the room’s functionality while creating a beautiful and cohesive design. We consider any existing furniture you want to keep and recommend new pieces that will fit your style and budget.

We’ll set up a 90-minute kickoff meeting to chat about your design preferences, walk you through a preliminary floor plan, and discuss how we’ve optimized your layout to meet your design goals while maintaining functionality. We also discuss your budget, ensuring that we select enduring and timeless pieces that accommodate your lifestyle.

Open living room floor plan

Quick Turnaround

After our Kickoff Meeting, we’ll revise the floor plans and send them over for your approval. Once you approve the floor plans, we’ll curate a selection of stylish and durable furnishings, perfect for a family-friendly home.

We source all our pieces from trusted retailers and artisans to ensure that we can find the perfect items for your unique space. We’ll include detailed images of all items suggested to achieve the desired result. Your design plan will be ready within seven days, and you’ll enjoy a digital design presentation. Because The Refresh does not involve any new builds, the turnaround for our design plan is much shorter than our full-service furnishings package.

After receiving your design presentation, you’ll have the option to request revisions. We ask that you share all your input at once so we can make edits as efficiently as possible.

Leather couch with white chairs

Step-by-Step Action Plan

After the design concept and selections are finalized, we provide our clients with a 3D render that lays out each piece in the room and offers a visual representation of what the space will look like. Additionally, we will supply you with a comprehensive shopping list detailing each item in the design plan and installation guide. This phase is where the exciting part begins—the actualization of your dream space.

The shopping list includes all the furnishings and materials recommended for your room refresh. Each item is carefully curated based on clients’ style preferences, budget, and overall design concept. We provide direct links to make the shopping process seamless and convenient.

Coordinating deliveries and installations can be overwhelming, especially for larger orders. That’s why we offer our exclusive white glove ordering service for our clients with orders exceeding $30,000. With white glove ordering, we take care of all the logistics on your behalf, handling the ordering and delivery process from start to finish, free of charge. This service ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to sit back and relax while we handle all the details.

In addition to the shopping list, our installation guide provides clear instructions on setting up and arranging the newly acquired pieces. It provides helpful tips and suggestions to enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space. Whether it’s lighting recommendations, color scheme guidance, or maintenance instructions for specific materials, we strive to equip our clients with the knowledge and tools to make the most of the room refresh.

At Atelier Roux, we believe that the final phase is just as crucial as the design process itself. Our commitment is to make the entire process seamless and stress-free. Whether our clients choose to utilize our white glove ordering service or prefer to handle the process yourself, our goal is to empower them to transform their space effortlessly.

By providing a detailed shopping list and installation guide, we ensure our clients have all the necessary resources. Whether they choose to handle the installations themselves or enlist the help of professionals, our comprehensive guide will simplify the process, making it a seamless and enjoyable experience.

leather couch with white chairs living room design

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