5 Tips For Designing A Kid’s Room That Grows With Them

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We get giddy thinking about designing kids’ rooms. Our inner child gets excited about the endless possibilities. Did anyone else want a canopy bed growing up? As a family-focus interior design firm, we help our clients craft kids’ rooms that foster a sense of wonder and discovery. Here are some of our go-to tips for creating a timeless space that evolves as your kids grow, from nursery and beyond.

Design for Functionality

Think about how you want the room to work for your child as they grow up. Where will they sleep, play, paint, and roll around? Knowing how the space will function and be used will help you select furniture and accessories that may be multi-purpose and last through multiple life stages. We are big fans of convertible furniture such as Nestig, Pottery Barn X West Elm, and Oeuf.

Don’t Over Theme

Think of the space as a “work in progress” that your child can build memories and create an environment that is theirs. For example, themed wallpaper and bedspreads may seem cool at the moment (my daughter wants everything Frozen right now), but this can become old quickly.

Toys are great accent pieces that give the room personality and can be easily switched out as your child grows up. Display ideas on shelves or style them around the room. Here are some of our favorites.

Neutrals are the way to go.

We always recommend that clients go with a more neutral palette and add color purposefully with accessories like artwork, pillows, stylish storage. However, just because you go for a more neutral palette doesn’t mean you need to use pure solid colors. For example, neutral patterns for high traffic pieces, like rugs and chairs, are great for hiding stains but can also enhance the overall look and feel of the room.

Pick for Durability

When you select furniture and accessories (e.g. rugs, wallpaper, fabrics), opt to find well-built, durable, and washable items that can sustain constant wear from kids. Most furniture manufacturers offer performance-based fabrics so you can easily wipe clean or throw items in the wash. In addition, furniture with a solid frame can be reupholstered many times to suit your changing tastes.

Removable wallpaper is an easy way to dress up a room while giving you the flexibility to change it over time.

Less is More

Your kid’s room should evolve as their personality and interests unfold. We suggest picking a couple of key statement pieces that anchor the room and that you can build upon over time. It could be a rug, a dresser, or even a lamp. The goal is not to start with too much to make room for desks, cubbies, and art as they grow up. As your kids get older, let them play a role in deciding what their room looks like. They can add their own artwork, favorite toys that speak to them.

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