Vanderbilt Carriage House: Den & Dining Design Reveal

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Greetings from the Design Team!

We are excited to share the latest updates on our Vanderbilt carriage house interior design project, focusing on the captivating transformation of the dining room and den. In this issue, we’ll take you on a journey through the intricate process of designing two spaces that share the same narrow area while incorporating our client’s exquisite taste for colors and patterns.

Designing the Den: Cozy and Bohemian

The den in this carriage house is a space designed for relaxation and TV viewing. To make it warm and inviting, we opted for a sectional sofa, perfect for cozying up with loved ones. The star of the show is the stunning olive green sofa, adding a touch of earthiness and elegance to the room. Paired with an Armadillo rug, which seamlessly blends with Jute, we achieved a unique mix of textures that complements the bohemian ambiance our client loves.

Custom-designed black and white patterned ottomans serve as stylish yet functional additions, offering extra seating or a place to rest your feet after a long day. As a focal point, we included a beautifully crafted cane coffee table, providing a touch of vintage charm while remaining functional for daily use.

Designed by Atelier Roux

The Dining Area: Harmonious and Rustic

Our approach to the dining area was to create a harmonious yet distinct space that coexists effortlessly with the den. To achieve this, we selected black dining chairs with elegant curves that gracefully juxtapose the blocky design of the dining table, adding visual interest and sophistication to the room.

To cater to our client’s love for patterns and textures, we chose a jute rug with a rustic feel and geometric black pattern. The rug not only ties the dining area together but also provides an organic touch that enhances the overall dining experience.

Designed by Atelier Roux

The Perfect Balance: Merging the Spaces

One of the most exciting challenges was the shared narrow space between the den and the dining area. Our goal was to create a seamless transition while maintaining the distinct ambiance of each space. By using carefully selected elements like the jute rug and Armadillo-Jute blend in the den and dining area, respectively, we achieved a cohesive look that beautifully blends the two zones.

The existing dining table and hutch were a valuable starting point for the dining area. By blending them with the new black dining chairs and the jute rug, we were able to preserve the charm of the original pieces while infusing a refreshing touch.

Designed by Atelier Roux

Client’s Vision: Textile Designer’s Dream

Our client, a talented textile designer, brought an inspiring vision to the project. Incorporating beautiful colors and patterns was at the heart of the design. Working closely with our client, we curated a palette that balanced vibrancy and subtlety, resulting in a harmonious amalgamation of textures, colors, and patterns throughout the space.

Designed by Atelier Roux

The Grand Reveal

We are thrilled to share the successful completion of the Vanderbilt carriage house dining room and den interior design project. The fusion of bohemian charm in the den and rustic elegance in the dining area has resulted in a space that exudes warmth, style, and individuality.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our client for entrusting us with their dream project, allowing us to create a captivating space that reflects their personality and creativity.

Designed by Atelier Roux

Stay tuned for more exciting interior design projects and updates from our team. Until then, wishing you all inspiration and creativity!

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